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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Feb 25, 2022

We're talking cheat meals again this week. The last time we discussed this topic was episode 4, so we thought it was time to address it again. 

Do we think you should have cheat meals?

What is a cheat meal?

How cheat meals can become a problem. 

Why you shouldn't be afraid of food outside of your normal plan, and the...

Feb 18, 2022

This week we talk about one of the most common questions I get asked on social media "how do you stay motivated?". We dive deep into what makes us feel more and less motivated, what you can do when you aren't feeling motivated, and how to harness those moments to your advantage.

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Feb 11, 2022

This week we talk about how much we eat in order to lose weight, how this information is extremely individual and how you shouldn't try and copy someone else's quantities or portion sizes. 

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Feb 4, 2022

This week's episode is all about the excuses we have in weight loss. Excuses are optional thoughts that will never serve us. After coaching women over the past year, I've heard them all— "I don't know what to do, I am confused, I don't have the time... you name it." This week we're discecting all the excuses and...