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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Mar 25, 2022

You know the feeling... when everything you're doing to lose weight starts to feel like an obligation. That is no place anyone wants to be, and it's very common in weight loss. In this episode we talk about the best approach to re-evaluating everything you are doing to lose weight, and choosing again— getting to the...

Mar 18, 2022

It's just Maggie today! I talk today about the best way to make your weight loss habits easier. It's not what you think it is— just having more willpower and motivation. In this episode I am going to give you some tactics and mindset shifts that will help you really make your goals more clear, which will support the...

Mar 11, 2022

This week we talk about how you are always making a choice, even when it doesn't feel like it— even when it feels like outside circumstances are dictating the things we have to do to lose weight. When we shift this perspective we take our power back.

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Mar 4, 2022

Stress and overwhelm are some of the biggest triggers for emotional eating. This week we talk about how to feel stressed and overwhelmed without eating your feelings. If you can get good at feeling these types of emotions without dealing with them with food, you're going to find that weight loss will become much...