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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Feb 23, 2024

We got an email from a listener that we are responding to today. Cole asked "My parents live out of town and I quite often will go home and see them. I know that whenever I go home, there will always be sweets in the house, there will always be some kind of home baking, and I end up binge eating while I’m not in the environment I have control over.  I can’t control what is in my parents house, so how can I go there, have a treat if that’s what I desire, but not spiral into a scarcity mindset, eat everything knowing that I am only at my parents for a short time and will go home back to my controlled environment that doesn’t have such a breadth of choice of food I know aren’t good for me… physically and mentally!

I would love to hear your view, or even the topic raised through one of your podcasts! It’s a barrier I am determined to overcome this, but feel a bit stuck!"

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