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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Sep 16, 2022

“I’m too busy to lose weight.”

“I can’t lose weight.”

“I can’t follow my plan.”

“I’m stalled out.”

Have you ever caught yourself claiming one of these statements?

In this week's episode of the Burn Fat With Your Brain Podcast, I share with you my top two tricks to start solving your weight loss problems and changing the statements you make about yourself.

If you find yourself paralyzed from your thoughts about weight loss, click here to listen now.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to identify your weight loss problems.
  • How to simplify your problem.
  • Why we blow up problems to be bigger than they are.
  • How to troubleshoot for problems that come up.
  • Two things to start problem solving.

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