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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Feb 23, 2024

We got an email from a listener that we are responding to today. Cole asked "My parents live out of town and I quite often will go home and see them. I know that whenever I go home, there will always be sweets in the house, there will always be some kind of home baking, and I end up binge eating while I’m not in...

Feb 16, 2024

This week Maggie is joined by her assistant coach Monika as they discuss special medical conditions and how they pertain to weight loss. Things like PCOS that call for special dietary restrictions. This is a very common question and I am excited to finally dive deeper on this topic!


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Feb 9, 2024

Its very common to overeat outside of our plan and be completely obvlivious to it. It's a safety mechanism our brain does to keep us safe from dissapointment. Today we're talking about how to make the oblivious overeating more obvious, so you aren't confused as to why you aren't losing weight. 



Feb 2, 2024

Today we're talking about discipline— what does it mean and what does it NOT mean, and how to become more disciplined. What are your reasons for wanting to become discplined?

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