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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Mar 29, 2021


I just wanted to formally announce that I want to start a 30 day keto protocol challenge starting April 5th! Here is what I’m thinking. ⁃ follow your protocol (daily plan) for 30 days ⁃ Plan 1-2 exception meals (if you choose) ⁃ 8k steps a day ⁃ set an attainable goal ⁃ Measure your progress (weight, measurement, strength, whatever you choose to measure) I will be releasing a kickstart audio course on April 5th outlining all of the action items and what to do to get started. I will also provide digital and printable 30 day streak trackers. I want you guys to set a clear attainable goal for yourselves. “Lose weight” is not clear enough. It should be very specific, like, “I want to lose 4 pounds by May 5th” I also want to give you guys the opportunity to link up with accountability partners, so I will create a thread for that in this group when the time comes.